DAP Explains IP Ratings Against Dust

Here is a great video that DAP Technologies put together explaining how IP ratings work and why protection against dust is important.

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Get Money Back with GoZebra12 and DataGear

DataGear System Integrators and Services Providers

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Go Zebra

With GoZebra12, now is the perfect time to move up to a new Zebra printer. Upgrade to the latest technology from Zebra and reap the rewards – not just the advantages of Zebra’s unmatched innovation, but cash back AND the eco-friendliness of safely recycling an old printer.

Just trade in your old thermal barcode printer – from Zebra or even a competitor – and purchase a new Zebra printer. You’ll receive up to $500 cash rebate for every eligible purchase.

Take advantage of this offer to improve productivity and lower maintenance costs while utilizing the equity in your current technology to get even greater value.

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Prepping for an IP Camera Installation

Here are some photos of the prep work that goes into an installation. These are Axis Communications IP Surveillance cameras. View the original post.

3 Reasons to Choose DataGear as Your Data Solutions Provider

3. There for you from start to finish: We are there for you and your business from the conception of your data solutions project to its completion. And after. We don’t just provide your company with the equipment for wireless networks, data collection, and surveillance, we are also there to give you the service you need to keep it up and running smoothly. That means we’ll fix it if it breaks, we’ll expand it when you grow, and we’ll upgrade it as your needs continue to evolve.

2. We listen to you and to your needs. We are solutions providers, that means we provide you with a solution. If you have budgetary, technological, technical, or application requirements, we work with you to meet them. Consultations and site surveys are just some of the ways we like to show you that we’re there for you.

1. We love to do what we do and we do it right. Let us share that with you.

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Laser vs. Image Barcode Scanners

Deciding which type of barcode scanner  to select, whether a laser or digital imager, can be a difficult decision without a good understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each type.  Both laser scanning and image readers can be effective technologies for their appropriate applications and determining which scanner best meets your needs can be more easily made with a better understanding of the features of each of these types of scanners.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Things You Need to Know About Thermal Printers

If you are printing either bar code labels in your warehouse or receipt tickets at your gates for trucks coming into your yard, you are very likely using a thermal printer.

There are two types of thermal printers: thermal transfer and direct thermal. With thermal transfer, a print-head applies heat to a ribbon which transfers ink to the media. On the other hand, direct thermal printing uses heat sensitive media that blackens when passing under the print-head.

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Datamax-O’Neil Launches the New PrintPAD 99EX

The New Datamax-O’Neil Printpad

We had the opportunity to test out the new PrintPAD 99EX from Datamax-O’Neil. In this article, I discuss the features of this new mobile printer and the PrintPAD line and my experience testing the unit. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments and I will be happy to answer them!

The new Datamax-O’Neil 99EX print cradle is the latest addition to the company’s popular PrintPAD line, extending the line’s compatibility to include the Honeywell Dolphin[TM] 99EX mobile computer.[1]  The PrintPADs are a “carry, charge and communicate solution” for mobile workers in route accounting, direct store delivery and other field service applications (indoor and outdoor).

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