How a Service Contract Can Save You Money

Even with the typical, daily wear and tear on your mobile computing devices, maintenance can be costly, especially with legacy equipment. With an extended warranty or maintenance contract, you can not only help extend the life of your equipment, but save on ongoing maintenance costs and repair. There are a number of reasons to consider a repair plan as opposed to “paying as you go.” Some of these benefits can include:

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There’s No Reason to Dread Upgrading Your Data System and Equipment

Making the decision to upgrade your data management system isn’t always fun or easy, so we’d like to help you through the decision-making process and give you the tools to decide whether you REALLY need to upgrade or not. Repair and maintenance contracts are sometimes an affordable alternative to making that big step, but can upgrading your equipment save you money in the long run?

Click here to find out more about upgrading your data collection equipment.Think of your data collections system as a car – is it costing you more to get it repaired (and causing you inconvenience due to downtime) than it would be to just go out and get a new one? Does your wireless data collection hardware still perform its required tasks?  Before making any decisions on whether or not to upgrade your data system ask yourself these questions:

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Barcode Scanner Meet Forklift. Forklift meet… nevermind!


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