The Benefits of Traceability

When one thinks of traceability, the first thing that comes to mind is often produce traceability. However, traceability isn’t just for the produce and agriculture industries – it can be implemented into many other fields including electronics, meat & dairy, toys and so much more.

There are a number of reasons to implement traceability and transparency in your business and your product lines regardless of industry or product type. Here are just a few.

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How is ePedigree like PTI?

With the ever present threat of counterfeit prescription drugs intermingling with legitimate drug supplies in the US, California has implemented the ePedigree Law to fight the 34 million counterfeit medicines being used to fill prescriptions (estimate from 2006). The ePedigree Law is not unlike the Produce Traceability Initiative and it shows that maintaining electronic records of a product’s lineage can effectively be maintained using barcode technology.

The ePedigree initiative, much like PTI, was instated to protect the health of consumers and track/monitor products to ensure that unsafe items do not end up in the marketplace, and in the chance that they do, recalls can be made quickly and efficiently without significant financial loss to those involved in the recall.

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The Produce Traceability Initiative

An example of a PTI label from the PTI website

An example of a PTI label from the PTI website

PTI requirements and solutions are becoming frequent topics of conversation in the produce industry, but this initiative has yet to be fully adopted due to hesitation regarding cost and the potential complexity attached to meeting the PTI requirements. In this article, I summarize what the Produce Traceability Initiative is, how it is implemented and the benefits of converting to this system of inventory management.

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