France Becomes a Pioneer in the Development of Cost-Effective RFID Technology

France has become a pioneer in the development of cost-effective RFID technology thanks to Camille Ramade and her colleagues at the University of Montpellier.

Camille Ramade and colleagues have developed an innovative RFID depositing process that could reduce the cost of RFID technology by up to 80%.

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Get Money Back with GoZebra12 and DataGear

DataGear System Integrators and Services Providers

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Go Zebra

With GoZebra12, now is the perfect time to move up to a new Zebra printer. Upgrade to the latest technology from Zebra and reap the rewards – not just the advantages of Zebra’s unmatched innovation, but cash back AND the eco-friendliness of safely recycling an old printer.

Just trade in your old thermal barcode printer – from Zebra or even a competitor – and purchase a new Zebra printer. You’ll receive up to $500 cash rebate for every eligible purchase.

Take advantage of this offer to improve productivity and lower maintenance costs while utilizing the equity in your current technology to get even greater value.

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Toshiba’s New Scanner

At first glance, this new development in scanning technology seems to eliminate the need for barcode and RFID, but is the new Toshiba scanner really the end of barcodes?

By using food recognition technology, the new Toshiba scanners cut down time in a checkout line by eliminating manual food code entry. The scanners recognize food by pattern and color, and they are particularly useful for produce. Fruits and vegetables are not typically barcoded at the item level, and so, employees have to add the items by entering codes. If the employee does not have all the codes memorized (which can be quite the extensive list), this can be cumbersome and timely. The new Toshiba scanners were created to resolve these issues by eliminating the code entry process and cut down on delays as a result.

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Prepping for an IP Camera Installation

Here are some photos of the prep work that goes into an installation. These are Axis Communications IP Surveillance cameras. View the original post.

Understanding RFID

RFID tags, simply put, are intelligent barcodes that allow the tracking and management of an item.  RFID tags have existed since the 1970s, but because of their relatively high cost, have only recently become a popular and viable replacement for the more “traditional” barcode.  

Historic Uses of RFID Tags

RFID tags were originally used to track high-value or large items like livestock, railroad cars, or airline luggage when transported over a long distance. RFID tags, at that time, were a complex system of metal coils, antennas and glass called an “inductively coupled RFID tag.”

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The Road Code

The utilization of QR codes on public advertisements has presented marketers with the challenge of overcoming safety issues. In the state of California, the use of a mobile device while driving is illegal, so placing QR codes in ads on buses or billboards has many limitations (only passengers can scan the code or drivers will have to illegally use their mobile devices to get the information stored on the code).

Paul Brocky and Tom Catuosco have developed a more “driver friendly” alternative to the QR code in response to limitations the QR code presents. “The Road Code” is a four character alpha-numeric code that can be used as a redirect, similar to the way QR codes are used.

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Utilize the Equity in Your Printer Investment

Is your current printing solution only a partial solution? Has volume increased, requiring faster output? Do you need something capable of higher print quality?

Technology is steadily advancing and the latest improvements might just be the answer to better quality, less waste, more productivity, and many other benefits.

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Barcode Scanner Meet Forklift. Forklift meet… nevermind!


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3 Reasons to Choose DataGear as Your Data Solutions Provider

3. There for you from start to finish: We are there for you and your business from the conception of your data solutions project to its completion. And after. We don’t just provide your company with the equipment for wireless networks, data collection, and surveillance, we are also there to give you the service you need to keep it up and running smoothly. That means we’ll fix it if it breaks, we’ll expand it when you grow, and we’ll upgrade it as your needs continue to evolve.

2. We listen to you and to your needs. We are solutions providers, that means we provide you with a solution. If you have budgetary, technological, technical, or application requirements, we work with you to meet them. Consultations and site surveys are just some of the ways we like to show you that we’re there for you.

1. We love to do what we do and we do it right. Let us share that with you.

Visit our website to find out more.