Intermec Announces the new PC23d Desktop Printer

Intermec recently announced the release of the new PC23d 2 in. direct thermal desktop printer. The features of this new printer include:

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Motorola Unveils the DS3500-ER Series Scanners

Early February Motorola unveiled the new DS3500-ER Series of scanners, a family of barcode scanners comparable to the LS3408-ER scanners.  With both near and far scanning as well as 1D and 2D barcode reading capabilities, the DS3500-ER is an ideal data collection solution for warehousing as well as many other industries.

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Laser vs. Image Barcode Scanners

Deciding which type of barcode scanner  to select, whether a laser or digital imager, can be a difficult decision without a good understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each type.  Both laser scanning and image readers can be effective technologies for their appropriate applications and determining which scanner best meets your needs can be more easily made with a better understanding of the features of each of these types of scanners.

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5 Reasons to Convert to a Mobilized POS System

Technology has enabled companies to do business faster, but it has also created the expectation that quotes or purchases will be operated much more quickly and efficiently. Customers want information, products and services immediately and have little patience for slow response. So how can your company keep up with customer demands for all things better, faster, and more affordable? Here are 5 reasons to convert to a mobilized POS (point of sales) system.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

The SG20 Barcode Scanner from Intermec

Intermec recently announced the release of the SG20 family of barcode scanners with highly responsive 1D and 2D scanning technologies.   Its features include 50 times greater motion tolerance than competitive scanners, either Bluetooth cordless or corded connectivity, a large multi-color LED light,  and omnidirectional scanning.

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How to Calculate ROI (Return on Investment) for RFID

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has proven its ability to increase efficiency in supply chain visibility for manufacturers and distributors in a diverse range of industries. Here are just a few ways RFID can help your business’ efficiency:

  • Tightens inventory control
  • Eliminates manual track and trace
  • Reduces warehouse theft

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Motorola’s NX 4500/6500 Integrated Services Platform

The new NX 4500/6500 integrated services platform by Motorola gives users the ability to perform a variety of functions with a single device.  Instead of needing multiple devices to manage data and mobile voice services, businesses can now perform all the same functions with this single interface.

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Are QR Codes Already Being Replaced?

Since the QR code has shown up in the US, potential competitors and replacement technologies have also started to make their appearances. In the following post I’d like to talk about these new technologies and I hope you will take a moment to comment and let me know which one you think is going to be the next big thing!

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