Social Media for Solutions Partners

We recently attended a web seminar which discussed web opportunities for businesses in our industry and a large part of the discussion was that of “blogging.”  Our company, DataGear, Inc.,  is no stranger to the art of “blogging,” but deciding on which platform to utilize has recently been open to suggestion.

Is it better to host the blog on your web site or a third party such as Blogger or WordPress? Many companies opt to host their blogs on their own web site, but we decided to give ours a home somewhere else. Here.

It can be argued that either way could be better in terms of “discovery” – hosting the blog on your web site gets more visitors and raises the site’s importance, but at the same time, an external blog links back to the primary web site much in the same way the blog existing on the actual web site may do. So which is better?

In the end it all comes down to preference and how much design/moderation control you would like to have over the blog and which venue you think might have better opportunities for exposure.  We chose WordPress because it allows the perfect combination of ease-of-use AND customization.  Plus, you don’t have to be a coding wizard to get something started and their templates are pretty great.

The biggest disadvantage to hosting your blog on an external site (or even giving it its own url!), arguably, is that any SEO or attention that your blog receives does not always translate to traffic on your main web site.  Although I agree in some respects, there are many ways to connect your blog and website without sacrificing one for the other.  Besides, interacting socially is about actively contributing to and participating in different social networks, and blogging networks, like WordPress or Blogger, are social networks, and so, (based on this assertion) hosting your blog somewhere other than your own web site has its advantages.

If you’d like to read more about where you should put your blog, we enjoyed this article on blog hosting.


About Shannon.Abiteboul
Hi, I'm Shannon and I am the Director of Marketing at DataGear®, Inc., an industrial data solutions company based in Santa Ana, CA. One of the great things about my job is that I get to run our company blog here at Wordpress and share information about our company and the things we do. I also enjoy posting about marketing related news and business tips and so I try to incorporate them into our posts.

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